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Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Join LinkedIn or Use it More Actively Now

Social media has changed the entire landscape of how things work, whether it is for users or for businesses. As users have found more channels to communicate and socialize, businesses now have far more & better ways to reach out to their customers. LinkedIn, since it started back in 2003, has come a long way as the most powerful and influential professional networking channel for users and businesses alike. Recently LinkedIn achieved a huge landmark with its user base crossing 200 million mark worldwide.

One big reason why LinkedIn is fast becoming so popular is the various improvements as well as modifications incorporated in it to make it more user-friendly and relevant to users. A completely new revamped interface, new features like ‘endorsements’ and various other new functionality are a great improvement for the largest professional social networking site in the world.

Are you wondering what I am talking about? May be you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, or you are using it only sparingly. If have a LinkedIn profile, and haven’t signed in for a long time, just do it and see how much it has changed now! Buy Real Facebook Likes from USA based on the top-notch reasons for the social media should be there. There is change in the profile of the page to meet with the requirements. The changes can be made as per the specification of the business people. The preparation of the budget will meet with the specifications whatever the social platform is available. 

Here in this post, I will tell you 5 Top Reasons why you must get a LinkedIn Profile, or use it more aggressively if case you already one:

Have you ever tried googling (just invented the word ) your own name? Try it and see what comes in the results. When I searched my name, the top search result came for my ‘LinkedIn’ Profile. Yes, participating actively in social networks makes you more visible in SERPs. Just imagine an old friend or a colleague trying to connect with you, and he googles your name. Having an active LinkedIn profile will get you there in the top results page very fast and easy. Not just LinkedIn, other social networks gets indexed too, and show up in the SERPs. But I believe, professionally, LinkedIn is what will give you better leverage. Having an updated LinkedIn profile and your regular activity on it, will surely give you SEO benefit.

There are hundreds of new things happening on LinkedIn every single day. LinkedIn is just getting better and better. I just logged in and saw, to my surprise, a new feature which enables connecting with others more easily. With all these enhancements, why not leverage this powerful tool to grow your professional network, and showcase your professional skills to a larger audience. LinkedIn now gives you a number of new tools to get connected to scores of professionals belonging to your industry, in a much better and easier manner. For example, the feature called ‘People you may know’ allows you to connect with people who belong you own area of interest or work. You may build and expand your network as much as you want

These days more and more employers are turning to LinkedIn to source employees. LinkedIn has become an effective source of recruitment due to its scale and cost-effectiveness. There are thousands of jobs posted on LinkedIn every day. ‘Jobs you may be Interested In’ feature shows you jobs you may wish to apply, according to your skills and expertise. All major brands or small, medium enterprises use LinkedIn as a part of their recruitment strategy. Employers check LinkedIn profiles of the applicants before short listing them. Why lose out on this opportunity to get your dream job? Joining LinkedIn makes more sense now than ever.

Have you checked ‘LinkedIn Today’, a feature in the ‘news’ menu? This section lists out hundreds of new interesting articles in various topics which are taken from various sources like Wall street journal, or LinkedIn itself. I find this section particularly interesting and share anything I find interesting with my connections. You can ‘follow’ topics that interest you and save the articles that particularly interest you. LinkedIn also has a wall now on which you can share updates with your connections. Sharing useful articles or posts will send a positive message to your connections who will not only be benefited by your ‘shares’ but also consider you as a serious professional who is keeping himself up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

Have you joined any LinkedIn group? If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the best and most important features of new LinkedIn. There are thousands of important discussions happening on these groups. You may join specific groups related to your interest or area of work that you do. These groups allow you to connect with thousands of industry professionals and participate in the high-level discussions. Your contribution to these discussions will surely help you connect with new prospects, industry professionals, or prospective partners or hirers (You never know!). These groups are one of the hotbeds for showcasing your skills and expertise and get noticed! So why Wait! Find out the important groups related to your industry, start contributing to the discussions. Most of these groups are open, meaning anyone can join freely while some of them are moderated and you are required to send a ‘request to join’.

Given the tough economic scenario in the major parts of the world, finding your dream job might become a little more difficult. But with the tools like LinkedIn, you can turn the situation around in your favor. Understanding how this tool works will help you explore the immense opportunities that LinkedIn offers!

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