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Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Cleaner

Vax is one of UK’s best selling floor care brand and boasts to be the only floor care specialists to offer a comprehensive range of carpet cleaners, upright and cylindrical vacuum cleaners, chordless, steam and hard floor cleaners. Though Vax is best known for their iconic orange tub that was launched in 1979 and is still going strong today, but they still continue to update and introduce new and innovative products.

In the following review, we will see in detail about the Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Cleaner which has been marketed heavily by Vax on the television as the lightest bagless cyclonic upright vacuum on the current market.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from so many brands as vacuum cleaners are not something that can be taken lightly given the mess and muck that surround the house all around so you need something like a aspirapolvere senza filo proscenic or Vax U91 to get an idea of what exactly these cleaners mean and this review will help in taking a decision.

Vax has so far the only company to have bought out a similar copy to that of Dyson’s Baby DC24 and the best part is that the Vax U91 weighs even less at 4.9Kgs. Vax also boasts that its Mach Air is the lightest, full size Multi Cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner in the world. It has got a very masculine built with mixed matches of greys and silver with matt orange and vents along with its purposeful ridges planted occasionally. The new Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Upright vacuum cleaner is very sleek and ultra portable. The lightness of the vacuum does make the Mach Air highly manoeuvrable, though not so much that you would forget that it is an ‘Upright’. The other design highlights include an adjustable handle, with eight notches on offer and when the handle falls back into the vacuum, it makes the device very space saving.

The installation of the Vax U91-MA-B Bagless vacuum cleaner is extremely easy and all that you have to do is, fit in the six meter chord onto the back and fit the three in one tools on, slide and lock in the handle and you are ready to give your floor a great clean. The brush bar next to the power button should be kept on for carpet floors and off for the hardwood floors. We have to say that there is more to this vacuum cleaner than what meets your eyes. To start with there is no foot pedal in order to put the floor head down and you have to just stand on the floor head like Dyson/Oreck upright to pivot it down on the carpet. There seems to be a lot of hard ridges on the handle, despite the grippy orange rubber line beneath it, which can become really painful on usage overtime. We also found that the handle does not lock in properly and moves a bit side to side in use. Hence, Vax has missed out on the quality a little.

The functions of the device can be understood at a glance. Though Vax claims that its U91-MA-B Mach Air can clean flat to floor, but that is not quite happening. At the lowest level, the Vax Mach does not even achieve a perfect 180 degree angle, which is mainly because to its large wheels. A green LED glows and stays on when the brush roll is activated and turns off when it is not in use. Even the slightest to the brush roll makes the green LED light flicker nervously. In case there is a jam, a red LED light replaces the green light and there is also a brush roll reset function available.

 Gone are those days when you have to replace the drive belt, thanks Mach Air’s gentle bristle action on the electric supported motor driven brush roller. If ever the brush roller happens to break, Vax will replace it for you and in case there in a jam, you will find a very handy reset button at the side of the brush, which in turn is supported by a red LED light. One of the biggest advantages is that, the complete brush can be seen from a clear acrylic hatch that can be unlocked by two catches in order to remove the brush roll of hairs or threads that wraps themselves around the bristles tightly. However, be aware of the fact that, like most of the plastic on the vacuum, the actual acrylic is quite thin and feels as though it would break if some exertion is applied to it.

Since this U91-MA-B Mach Air upright vacuum cleaner uses bag-less technology, the device will be able to retain its high efficiency even after emptying and cleaning the container. The container having a maximum capacity of 1.5 litre, it ensures that the vacuum maintains optimal performance without frequent emptying and cleaning, which is best suited for consistent performance of the vacuum. The long 6 meter cable helps reach every nuke and corner of the floor. As with all of the latest vacuum cleaners in the market, the Mach Air too has automatic cable rewind that helps store it compactly after use. The on-board tools facility also aids in hassle free storage. The telescopic tube helps in reaching areas that are unreachable by bare hands and beater bar control for optimum efficiency heighten the viability of it. Tools like dusting brush, upholstery brush and 3-in-1 tool makes it perfect for optimum performance with minimal time and energy requisites and cleaning every area without strain makes it the best reliable appliance.

The Vax U91-MA-B makes use of the Hoover U.S patented “Windtunnel” technology to maintain suction even as the bin is full with dust and dirt. A design Vie for this bagless vacuum cleaner is that, it has suction power of 200 watts to vacuum particles from deep within fibres without causing any damage to the materials. We are not sure if “Air” in its name denotes the overall lightweight of the device or the Active HEPA Filters on board. The H12 HEPA filter traps even the minute dust, pollen and mud that helps prevent allergies.

The slim floor head is simply excellent with clear and easy to use built-in edge and frontal edge. It is a very good match for the cylindrical vacuums on their slim floor heads. Its base tapers sharply towards the back, which is helpful for tight corners, but is less stable. You can work around this by pivoting the Mach Air on its back wheels as you move it. If you are concerned about sliding the vacuum under chairs and tea table, think no more as the Vax Mach Air U91 does a great job on that department. The suction on the carpet is very powerful and with its front rollers turned off as per instructions, it did an average job on hard surfaces. The Mach Air was noisy on all surfaces.

The accessories in the package include Handle, telescopic extension tube, 3-in-one crevice, upholstery and dusting brush tool and Turbo tool. For a limited period, Vax also offers a free Gator handheld vacuum cleaner worth £49.99. The Filters are pre-motor filter and post motor filter. While the pre motor filter is washable, the post motor filter is just cleanable but not washable.

We thought that we were just seeing stuff when the price of this brand new model had be reduced from about £180 to around £130 as it has been on the market since late October. The U91-MA-B Mach Air requires just 1200 watts for all its cleaning.

Vax offers its U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner a massive six years Guarantee for parts and labour.

Weighing just under 5kgs, the Vax U91-MA-B Mach Air Bagless Upright Cleaner is designed with latest technology and energy efficient and powerful features. Mach Air combines has the successful combination of style and effortless performance for optimal manageability. It has the cleaning power and capacity of a conventional upright but weighs a third less. Since it uses H12 HEPA filtration, it is just the ideal one for homes with allergy sufferers. With a massive 6 years warranty offered by Vax, you can go for this vacuum without any second thought.

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