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What Are Some Unique Birthday Party Themes?

Do you have your brother’s birthday coming up? That’s amazing; well you must be gearing for an amazing birthday celebration for him now. Do you want something special this time? It could be that this year is going to be a milestone in his life and hence you want to celebrate this year’s birthday real grand. Would he be 18 this year? Or has he bagged an excellent achievement? Well, whatever be the reason behind the grand birthday celebration, you have to make the plans first.

So, have you thought about the unique quotient of the party? How about a themed party? It’s trendy, cool and everybody enjoys it. And it would be a much loved option for your verjaardagscadeau broer

Here are some ideas that you could use for your upcoming surprise birthday themed party.

A Movie Themed Party

Is he a movie buff? Well, then a movie-themes birthday party will leave him all excited and thrilled. Choose a favourite movie of the birthday person and theme it as the set of the film. You can also use props to create the aura of the flick at the party. Ask the friends and family to dress according to the characters in the movie.

A Jungle Safari Themed Party

The more the characters you have in the theme the easier it gets to execute it. And what can be better than a jungle where you have so many animals to choose from? You will have to decorate the location with plastic leaves branches and set a background music that goes with the jungle vibe.

A Super Hero Themed Party

When it comes to themed birthday party ideas, superhero parties are a winner hands-down. Come on, who doesn’t want to play a super hero? So, definitely, an Avengers-themed party will be loved by both your young man and his friends.

A Retro Themed Party

This kind of party will be a pleasant surprise to everyone. You get to choose an era and be a famous person of that age. You may also follow a famous trend from that time. Don’t forget to tell his friends to dress up as people from that era.

A Fantasy Themed Party

It has got to be the craziest theme but nevertheless fun. From unicorns to angels, devils, princess witches, to role playing bizarre creatures- there are so many options to choose from when it comes to fantasy-themed parties. So, deck up your party hall as a fantasy land and ask your close guests to dress up as their favourite fantasy characters. It’s going to be “fantastic”!

These are few themes which can be surely a hit among all age groups. Be it a kid’s birthday party or that of an elderly person- a little fun with these themes will definitely be a great idea. Not everybody is happy about growing old but with these ideas coming around nobody can resist celebrating their ageing. Age is just a number but when it comes to fun, everybody is in for it.

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