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What Kind of Smoker Are You?

This might seem like an odd question on a site dedicated to helping you find the right electronic cigarette to break away from your smoking habit, but the question – “What kind of smoker are you?” is one that can actually help you in your quest to find the best e-cigarettes for you to use to quit with.

If you only smoke on a Friday night when you’ve had one too many with your friends in the local bar, you probably don’t need a big beast of an e-cigarette like the VaporFi Pro. You can probably buy vape liquid for your vaporizer like South Beach Smoke – something discreet, simple, and enjoyable. They aren’t the highest-rated of all the e-cigarettes but remember that they were being tested by regular, heavy smokers. We just found them to be an e-cigarette better suited to someone looking for a light smoking habit – a light vaporizer if you like.

You should be looking for something like zero or low nicotine (6mg / 0.6%) in your cartridges and e-liquids.

If you like to smoke ten per day or consider yourself to be a fairly light smoker, smoking light cigarettes, you should go for something like Green Smoke e-cigarettes. They offer you a cigarette that looks and feels like a cigarette (just a bit thicker) and gives you enough vapor and throat hit to see you through your craving.

It’s an enjoyable cigarette to smoke, to be fair, and we quite enjoyed it. You’ll also find that you’ll probably want to start on 12mg / 1.2% of nicotine in your cartridges and e-liquids.

You’re an “average” smoker… Well done you! If you are like me, you’ll smoke regular cigarettes at a rate of around 20 per day. Sometimes you’ll do more, sometimes you’ll do less. But on average, 20 a day suits you just fine.

If you’re one of these guys, you should be looking for a bigger, strong e-cigarette. Something like the VaporFi Pro or V2 Cigs Ex Series might work for you – it’s not overworked or overused, and provides you with a decent amount of throat hit and vapor, which his what you’re looking for right?

V2 Cigs does a pretty impressive range of extra-capacity batteries that it’s well worth you taking a look at also.

You’ll probably want to get started on the full-flavored nicotine strengths – 24mg or 2.4%.

If you smoke more than about 25 cigarettes a day or have a fondness for particularly strong cigarettes, you’re probably a heavy smoker and you should aim to find something relatively heavy duty like the bigger VaporFi products, or one of the new e-cigarettes offered by the likes of South Beach Smoke. You might also want to consider looking at the Eversmoke starter kits too – these have been shown to last the distance in my experience.

You’re probably going to want to look for a super strength e-cigarette or e-liquid such as those offered by VaporFi or with White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes.

Different e-cigarettes will work differently for different people. What usually happens is that a person will start off on something like Blu Cigs or White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes and then work their way up the ladder – V2 Cigs, Eversmoke, until they finally reach the tank-style electronic cigarettes such as that offered by VaporFi. Of course, that’s unless they manage to quit in the first year, which a few members of my team have successfully managed!

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