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Which Detox Diet Should You Choose?

Are you trying to do a detox diet? Then you’ve come to the right place. You should read these first so you’ll know what you are looking for.

If you go to google now, and search “Detox Diet” you’ll be bombarded with a lot of information about what to eat and what to do. However, if you’re a starter, that would be too much and would only chase you away. Nonetheless, you can click here to have a background on detox diets.

What is a detox diet?

Detox diet is an eating pattern where you get to eat healthy food to eliminate body toxins from your body. A common detox diet is most likely to be a fasting for a period of time, followed by a strict choice of food, like fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, and water. There are times when detox diets include herbs, teas, and supplements that help boost the process of detoxification.

What you should look into in a detox diet?

Since detox diet is known for its effectiveness, a lot of people have been creating different methods. Below are some of the pointers you should look into when you want to start a detox diet:

  • Cleanses or Detox that use juicing as a primary method.

Although juice cleansing is effective, you should now follow a method where the main way of cleansing the body is through fruit juices. Yes, they have benefits such as  vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits, most fruit juices are high in sugar and do not contain enough fiber for the body. For people who are having an imbalance level of blood-sugar, a fruit juice cleansing is never enough for them to sustain throughout the day, since fruit juices lack protein, fiber, and healthy fats. 

  • Cleanses or Detox that uses supplements as a main substance

Just like the one above, supplements do help in cleansing, however they shouldn’t be the main substance to rely on when trying to cleanse the body. You should really be careful and know what kind of supplements you are gonna intake when you are planning to do a supplement-based detox diet as these might do more harm than good. Do some research and never solely trust salesmen that are trying to sell these supplements. There are supplements that are considered professional-grade in the market that use high-quality ingredients that are tested and proven to be effective in cleansing. However, a lot of supplements that are sold in the market are not regulated and mostly done by small-scale companies.

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  • Cleanses that does not have any nourishment

Mostly people who do detoxes are people who are working. People who are busy and trying to cope up with their unhealthy lifestyle. For this main reason, people like these should avoid consuming low levels of calories during cleansing. You will know that a cleanse or detox diet has enough nutrients if you are not feeling hungry all the time or if you feel energetic. By eating food with few calories, the body can go to starvation, which will cause the body to store a lot of fat when the cleanse is over.

In a detox diet, one of the most important things to remember is to stay hydrated as possible. This is your top priority when trying to do a detox diet. You will know that the cleansing is effective when you feel that your body is in better shape than ever.

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