Why You Should Quit Smoking

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By now we are all aware that smoking is bad for us. However, you may not know specifically why smoking is so bad for you. Physical effects of smoking are not the only bad things that happen when you smoke. Learning what the bad effects are can help you make the final decision to quit smoking and to quit for good this time. For the purpose of quitting smoke, the dose of 50vg vape juice should be under the consideration of the experts. The physical effects of the products will be less when compared to the other one. The decision of the person should be taken smartly under the funds available at the account. 

Some immediate reasons you should consider for why to quit smoking are of course related to your health. Did you know that the risk of lung cancer, cancer of the larynx, heart problems, heart attack and even stroke are exponentially increased for smokers? Did you also know that by quitting smoking it is possible to reduce your risk to the same point as a non-smoker within only a matter of years? If you were to quit smoking today, within 5 to 10 years of being smoke free your risk for the above conditions could be the same as if you had never smoked a cigarette in your life.

You may be so unfortunate that you end up having one of the above mentioned conditions before you are able to quit. That is ok to a point because it is really never too late to quit and still reap some of the reward of being a non-smoker. Even if you are on oxygen it is still not too late to quit because not only is smoking while being near an oxygen tank dangerous, but, if you quit smoking you will greatly reduce your need for continuous oxygen. Also, your doctor may bar you from smoking, especially while you are in the hospital.

Releasing yourself from the chains of smoking is never truly easy. No matter what any gimmick says it is going to be hard giving up something that you have used for a crutch for so long will leave you stumbling for a while. But, seriously, do you want your children to smoke? The answer is a resounding ‘no’, however, the chances that your children will follow in your footsteps and smoke is great because they have learned from you. So, another reason to quit smoking is to help reduce the chances of your children smoking or your children being affected by the second hand smoke.

Deciding to quit smoking and actually following through with your decision relies mainly on you. You have to make the decision yourself in order for the plan to succeed. If you are coerced into quitting you may succeed, but you may also feel deprived. You shouldn’t let yourself feel deprived, instead, you should feel proud and accomplished for making yourself healthier and setting a good example for your children. Smoking is dangerous to your health to those around you. The many reasons to quit smoking are almost impossible to count or list, but, the reasons to smoke are really none. You can always find an alternative to smoking, you just have to look.

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