Young Children and Hearing Loss: A Mother’s Look Back

Welcome to my world. My oldest child is 7 (even though he will say almost 8) and in 2nd grade. He loves playing and watching his dad play World of Warcraft. Sounds like a normal child right? Well let’s take a look back at the past few years.

He has always been the quiet one even as an infant. I called him my easy baby as he just went with the flow of things. He started talking just as every child does and had certain letter sounds he just didn’t say. This was a frustrating time because the letter sounds he did not say were common in so many words. Sure he sounded cute and when asking the doctors they always said “oh this is normal”.

At the age of 3 he started Pre-School. This is when I as the mommy got to hear all the good things about my child. How well behaved he was, how he played well with others, and things like that. The teachers were a little concerned about his speech, but that was it.


At the age of 4 he went to 3 day Pre-School. This was a good year for him. This is the year that they finally were concerned enough about his speech to suggest speech therapy. He did very well in speech and I noticed the difference with a few weeks. He was finally saying the beginning sounds of his words. It was wonderful. At school he was doing well, but at home I had to get his attention in order to talk to him. Once again the doctors told me “Oh he is just being a kid, this is normal”. The intake of sonus complete will be herbal as all the ingredients are natural for the consumption of the pills. Either older adults or children, the medicine will be provided to all patients. The attention of the person should be complete for the purchase of the pills under the budget of the person.  

Well next he started Kindergarten, this was it, and this was the year everything would change. During the first half of the year I kept hearing the same thing being said “He just doesn’t listen well”. He was still in speech and doing very well. As a mother you want your child to be perfect, so why at home does he listen, but when you get a report card it says he is not listening at school? This is what I heard over and over and also saw on his report cards. I just didn’t get it.

Then it happened, the second part of the year started and they did a hearing test at the school. He failed it. I was shocked to say the least. In the letter it said take him here to get it retested, so we did. I took him out of school that morning and we went over to the health department and they retested his hearing. He failed the test again. Now we get a referral to a specialist. As a mom you start thinking, how did I not know, how bad is this and how long has this been going on?

About a month later we finally get in to the specialist and everything was confirmed. He has hearing loss in both ears with his left ear being the worse of the two. Since we were visiting my parents at the time during Daddy’s deployment, there was not too much this specialist could do. He gave me tips to use and some tips for the classroom. He also gave me all the paperwork so that I could pass it on to the specialist back at home. There is was paperwork; this paperwork said that MY child had hearing loss. I felt helpless. I felt like I let him down.

His Kindergarten teacher was awesome about everything. Just as the doctor suggested she had my son sit as far to the left side of the room as she could, that way his right ear was facing towards her. It worked out well and he finished Kindergarten without any more problems.

First grade started and even though we had an appointment with the specialist, it was still a few months away. I wish I could say his first grade year went as well as the second half of Kindergarten. He went to two different schools and neither one would use the tips that the Doctor suggested. So once again I got to hear and see on his report cards that he did not listen well. He was frustrated and so was I. Finally towards the end of the school year we saw the specialist. Once again they tested his hearing and once again he failed the test. His hearing loss was unexplained meaning his was not caused by fluid or nerve damage. Now by this time 1st grade was pretty much over, so none of the new information would really be helpful to them.

The day came to go back to the specialist and pick something up. That is right my now 7 year old little boy received a hearing aid. I didn’t know how to feel. None of my feelings really mattered, what mattered was how he felt. He was so happy, he became a different child, he once again had self confidence, and he was happy. It was such an awesome feeling as a mom to see him this way. Now a year later he is homeschooled and doing well, in fact we are about to have his next check on his hearing.

The only advice I can give is to listen to your child and if things are not adding up then get things checked out, even if a doctor says things are normal. Get a second opinion if you feel you need to.

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